Epowernment of  persons with incontinence and social stigma reduction in slovenian societySuhDan (Dry Day)

The project “SuhDan – Empowerment of Persons with Disorders of Continence and Reducing the Stigma of Incontinence in Slovenian Society”, organized by the Emonicum Institute in Ljubljana with partners University Clinical Center Maribor and Incont – Humanitarian Organization Maribor, co-financed by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia, one of the main goals is to raise awareness of the Slovenian public the incidence of incontinence and the various forms of assistance to all those who face its problems.

Within the SuhDan project, lectures and workshops were held where participants were introduced to the various causes and forms of assistance and the prevention of incontinence. Incontinence is among the most widespread health and social disorders, present in all age groups, and with increasing longevity, geriatric syndrome is becoming increasingly important. It has several causes and, because of stigma, shame and stress, is the most disguised individual problem, often the reason for discrimination and old age with great health, social and economic impact.

Taking into account effective self-care measures, drug treatment and ensuring full social inclusion with the help of medical devices that make it possible to live an active and healthy life, the project is at the same time a call to health, social and political stakeholders to strive for patient-centered ethical values for the quality of life of those affected by continence disorders, their dignity and social inclusion, not to diminish their rights, to take into account European professional guidelines and quality indicators when formulating strategies and guidelines, to link professional areas with patients’ associations and local communities, in order to ensure the readiness of health and nursing staff and the independence as well as decision-making autonomy of persons with various continence disorders.

You can find more information on the SuhDan project website.