The founders of the Institute decided to nominate it as Emonicum for two reasons. The first one is historical and the second is following medical tradition to nominate healing substances with a suffix “um”.

Two thousand years ago Ljubljana, the capital of the European member country Slovenia, was a Roman city called Emona. According to a fairy tale it was founded by Jason and his Argonauts on their escape with the Golden Fleece from the Colchis to Mediterranean coasts. They came up via Danube, Sava and Ljubljanica river and had to make a longer stop at the Emonas place until the ship Argo was brought over to the Vipava river, which flows into Adriatic sea. The territory which was a shallow lake has been in reality settled in prehistorical time by lake dwellers, remnants of them were found in the Ljubljana city as well as in the surrounding area. Emona was a thriving city for more than 600 years, until the Roman Empire fell apart and the history of Ljubljana started. The Roman city walls can still be seen and numerous precious findings are there in The National Museum.



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