Welcome to our website!

We at Emonicum Institute would like to welcome you to our website.  We are taking great care to update and improve information on this site and will continue to work on updating the site to keep you better informed about our activities and to provide essential information in an easy to use way.

Emonicum Institute is a non-governmental, non-profit research organization. The purpose of the Institute is to raise social and health culture in Slovenia and abroad by promoting active and healthy lifestyle and by promoting an agenda of social responsibility . The institute promotes activities and develops programmes in the frame of Ā»popular preventionĀ« with simple, non complicated, preventive advices, understandable to everyone regardless of their education background .

Emonicum’s mission is to develop new research and educational programs in:

  • health alphabet and health literacy,
  • age friendly environments,
  • falls prevention,
  • incontinence,
  • health policy strategies,
  • ICT supported active and healthy aging,
  • education work for active and included old age
  • reduction of the social gradient in health.

Emonicum has established experience in participating in European projects and programs in the field of health, health inequalities and youth. The team involves specialists in public health, social medicine, psychology, e-inclusion, education and networking. Emonicum is a member of European Innovation Partnership and is working closely with the national health and social authorities as well as youth associations. It has worked in national education and training programs since 2013 and is actively engaged in preparation of national strategy on active and healthy aging. It has expertise in project management, evaluation and training.

We invite you to interact with us at social media sites.  We are on facebook and twitter.